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A Free Online 9-Day Supported Mantra Practice



Balance. Beauty. Abundance.

Created and Offered by Rajeshwari Gretchen Carmel

(Senior Teacher in the lineage of Thomas Ashley-Farrand, Namadeva Acharya)

September 23 - October 1, 2019


A GIFT FOR YOU! You are invited to join me in a very powerful and sacred online 9-day supported mantra practice, absolutely FREE! The repetition of mantra, called Japa, is an ancient meditative tool which can reduce karma and ease suffering, bringing us closer to our true potential. Mantra is a Sanskrit word derived from “manas” (mind), and “trai” (to set free from). Literally, the meaning of mantra is “to set free from the mind.”

Anyone can practice mantra. You do not need to have any previous experience with yoga or mantra or have any specific spiritual belief to fully receive the benefits.

About this Free Online 9-Day Supported Mantra Practice:


Balance. Beauty. Abundance.

Lord Ganesha is one of the most popular Hindu deities with his large elephant head and pot-bellied human body. He is the embodiment of the cosmic sound OM, omnipotent, omnipresent. Ganesha is widely revered as the remover of obstacles, one who dissolves impediments through the principal of internal unity. As the god of new beginnings, he is honored throughout India and in Hindu cultures at the beginning of any endeavor through mantra and/or ceremony, to bless, protect and to offer good fortune.

In this Free Online 9-Day Supported Mantra Discipline, we will open the doors within our individual spiritual physiology to unblock and awaken dormant energies that could be holding us back from the magical play of giving and receiving 100% from the universe. As we open, we see and feel the beauty before us. As we open, we attract all things around us that are higher vibration. As we open, we step into new ideas and opportunities which illuminate and energize our soul.

Being reminded of the deep well of abundance and connection within and around us is vital during these times. It gives us an anchor to rest upon, a wellspring to relax into, a familiar, safe refuge.

Chanting the ancient vibrations of Sanskrit in a collective group, we will build the energy internally, bathe in light and expand/utilize these energies in whatever form is needed in our individual lives. In doing so, we effect all beings.

This practice is designed to:

1) Create internal unity, removing thoughts, behaviors and patterns, conscious and unconscious, that do not serve your highest good.

2) Bring beauty and peace to the way you think, feel and act, opening new opportunities of being, creating more balance and content in your every day.

3) Manifest energy and abundance through Ganesha and the goddess Lakshmi, bringing clarity, opportunity and freedom on your path.

Infinite, transcendent, divine. We balance internal and external abundance.

Join me, as we dissolve barriers through sound, connection and awareness.

Whether we seek balance in the areas of physical or mental health, finances/career, relationships or spiritual advancement/illumination, mantra disciplines give us the opportunity to accelerate the journey of personal transformation.

Here's how this Free Online 9-Day Supported Mantra Practice works:

On September 23rd, you will receive your first newsletter with the mantra practice in its entirety with recordings of the mantras and details on the practice. There are varying lengths to this practice which range anywhere from 3-20 minutes. You can choose which form is best for you. The mantras do not change. You will chant the same stack of mantras daily, on your own time, at your convenience, for 9-days from Monday, Sept. 23 to Tuesday, Oct. 1.

*This practice includes several mantras and instructions for the mantra discipline, mantra recordings, the benefit of the daily collective healing group energy, daily newsletters with affirmations and teachings, plus 9-day online support, if needed.

*You will receive newsletters everyday from Sept. 23-Oct. 1.

*Optional: A Private Facebook Group will be created as a platform for those who wish to share their experiences, ask questions and engage in conversation with other participants.

*A PRIVATE PHONE OR VIDEO CONSULTATION WITH RAJESHWARI IS AVAILABLE, SCHEDULED WITHIN THE 9-DAYS, FOR A FEE. Please contact Raji directly at theyogaspace@gmail.com for details.

Chanting in this way as a group, with the same mantras during the same 9-day period, can bring tremendous results. The energetic support intensifies the practice and brings great possibility for growth and life changes.

You'll be participating with like-minded folks all around the globe, contributing to a collective mission of peace and transformation.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you!

In Love and Service,


Rajeshwari Gretchen Carmel / Certified Sanskrit Mantra Teacher/Pujari/Vedic Priest

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All mantra teachings with Rajeshwari are offered with love and devotion in honor of Thomas Ashley-Farrand (Namadeva Acharya), www.sanskritmantra.com


“Raji is an angleic human being; she is serviceful, mindful and loving.”

Snatam Kaur and Sopurkh Singh, Singer/Peace Activist/Author

“Raji embodies the living and creative expression of a powerful mantra lineage. She has a unique gift of bringing forth dynamically effective and engaging mantra sadhanas, inspiring a global community of students to embrace these transformative and healing spiritual practices. Her mantra sadhanas have been a vital part of my own spiritual life for the past several years.”

Girish, Music Artist/Teacher/Author

“I have known Rajeshwari Gretchen Carmel for many years due to our mutual study with the magnificent mantra master Thomas Ashley-Farrand (Namadeva Acharya). During that time Raji completed an intensive curriculum with Namadeva to become first a mantra teacher, then a pujari, and finally a Vedic priest.
For the past two years I have had the joy and privilege of co-leading with Raji, along with our friend Bharata Bill Barry, the Transformation through the Yoga of Devotion program at Kripalu Center in Stockbridge, MA. That gave me an experience of the purity of Raji’s teaching of both hatha yoga and mantra yoga, and the power of the Vedic ceremonies she presents. There is no doubt that her teaching is illumined by the spirit of her guru, Namadeva.
I was thrilled to learn that Raji is now taking on the transmission of the science of the mystical practice of mantra to others interested in sharing that path. There is no one I would want to study with more. I already recommend her to my students who want guidance in their individual mantra practice. Now I’ll direct to her those who want a more extensive training in this ancient science that is so applicable to our times.”

Bhavani Lorraine Nelson, Senior Faculty Member at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health

“The care and love that shine through Raji’s teachings are great blessings to all. Her deep knowledge, devotion and presence combine to make studying with Raji a great gift and unique opportunity. The depth of Raji’s study with her teacher Thomas Ashley Farrand (Namadeva) is profound. She is the ideal person to carry on his great work.
I had the honor of studying briefly with Namadeva before he left his body and found that the integrity, love and wisdom with which he conducted his teachings are also present in the way in which Raji shares hers.
It is a joy to witness the continuation of this powerful lineage. I have referred my own students to Raji for in-depth guided mantra practice already and I greatly look forward to referring more to what is sure to be a powerful and important training program that will undoubtedly be transformational for many.”

Brenda McMorrow, Sacred Music Singer/Songwriter